Established in 1958 by Gianfranco Falorni, who began his business as a representative of well known suppliers of refractory materials for the glass industry, "Falorni Glass Furnaces" is today a renowned and successful company producing and installing complete glass melting plants.
In fact, starting from a counseling service, the company produces 'turnkey' systems for both artistic glasswares specialized in manual processing of glass, and the industrial glasswares having big automated plants.
Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the company is now able to offer systems with high quality standard for the production of artistic glass, for special and industrial glass.

"Falorni Glass Furnaces" is specialized in the construction of continuous furnaces with pre-heated air/natural gas and with oxygen/natural gas, for the production of soda-lime glass, lead crystal, borosilicate and special glass. The range of continuous furnaces has a producing capacity going from 3 to 30 tons per day for the semi-automatic glass factories, and from 20 to 100 tons per day for the industrial glass factories.
The main feature of Falorni industrial plants is their fuctioning reliability, due to the use of the best refractory materials and the best brands of components for the plants.

The standard supply is composed as follows:

  • Project and construction drawings
  • Supply of refractory materials and metallic structures
  • Supply of plant and monitoring
  • Plant construction
  • Start into production

Falorni plants are customized, according to the customers' specific requests.

The range of the furnaces produced by "Falorni Glass Furnaces" for the artistic glasswares is determined by taking into account the various necessities of use, and it allows a big choice of dimensions, feeding (gas fired or fully electric) and type of work.
The furnaces can be used in a discontinuous and in a continuous way, according to the customer exigencies and, for this reason, it is very important the preliminary analyses of the individual needs, in order to build real 'plants on demand'.
The main furnaces for the glasswares are: the Day Tank furnace, the Pot furnace (both gas fired and fully electric), and the reheating furnace Glory Hole.