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Gas Fired Static Annealing Lehr

Gas Fired Static Annealing Lehr

  • This furnace is the most used by the glass masters in Murano island.
  • The main features of it, is the possibility to annealing from very small items (2 hours cooling down) till very big glass items with weight till 30 kgs each (more than 48 hours cooling down).
  • The working phases are the followings:
  • Heating up of the furnace by automatic combustion and control system, it takes 30 minutes to reach the annealing temperature (Normally between 450 – 510 °)
  • The Loading of the glass items during the glass master working for 7 – 9 hours, with constant temperature of the furnace.
  • Start of the Controlled cooling down of the glass items with automatic programmer

Structure Of The Furnace

  • The body of the furnace is a full metallic structure.
  • The inside wall are in stainless steel.
  • Lifting of the door by gear motor.
  • The internal structure of the furnace is built in steel for high temperature.
  • The internal working spacers are adjustable in height on multiple of 10 cm, to permit to put inside items of different size.
  • The door is composed by two parts: upper part and inferior part. The inferior part is fixed on the correspondent working spacer. The upper part is provided with a small door (400x300h mm), that will be used for small items.
  • The upper part will be free to lift up through a motor when you have to put inside big items.

Gas Fired static annealing lehrs models and features

FR 1500

  • Volume: 1500 dm³
  • Inner dimension: 1000x1000Hx1500
  • Outer Dimension: 1600x2800Hx2400
  • Max Temperature: 750°C
  • Gas consumption: 5Nmc/h
  • Electric power: kW 3
  • Furnace weight: kg 1600

FR 2500

  • Volume: 2500 dm³
  • Inner dimension: 1600x1000Hx1500
  • Outer Dimension: 2200x2800Hx2700
  • Max Temperature: 750°C
  • Gas consumption: 7Nmc/h
  • Electric power: kW4
  • Furnace weight: kg 2000

FR 3000

  • Volume: 3000 dm³
  • Inner dimension: 1500x1000Hx2000
  • Outer Dimension: 2100x2800Hx3200
  • Max Temperature: 750°C
  • Gas consumption: 10Nmc/h
  • Electric power: kW 5
  • Furnace weight: kg 2600

Combustion and control system

  • The combustion system is full automatic and equipped with a gas station complete with safety regulations.
  • The burner is continuously controlled by a flame detector that operates a shut-off valve.
  • The heat homogeneity into the furnaces is got by a motorized stirrer that is installed on the top of the furnace.
  • The furnace has an operation and control cabinet. An Electronic controller and programmer controls the furnace temperature.
  • The heating up and the cooling down is controlled and programmable by an automatic control system. The Microprocessor is able to perform 4 different programs with 8 steps each.
  • To reach the complete cooling of the glass items, the sliding door automatic system, will open completely when the temperature falls down beyond the limit temperature programmed on the control system.