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Open Hot Furnace

Miniglass pot Glass Furnace

Gas fired single and double pot melting furnace for open pots. High quality glass: Soda lime and lead crystal transparent and colored.

Miniglass Pot Furnace

  • The Miniglass Pot Furnace is suitable for the production of very high quality glass.
  • The Miniglass pot is fully assembled and transportable on its steel frame.
  • Glass that is made inside of Miniglass Pot achieves a very high quality level.
  • The main features of this furnace is that the burner is placed in the lower part of the furnace and the flame runs around the pot. In this way we have a biggest heat transfer to the mass of glass in the lower part and it creates very strong glass currents and very homogeneus mass of glass inside the pot.
  • Pots can be replaced at hot or alternatively at cold. The digital programmer drives the cooling down and heating up ramp of the furnace.
  • Combustion system with steel heating recuperator is fully automatic. The burner has an automatic ignition and UVZ flame detector.

Models and Gas Consumption
Miniglass Open Pot Furnaces

MP 180

  • Workable glass: 80 kg/day
  • Pot dimensions: 500x500 mm
  • Gas consumption: 170 Nm³/day
  • During stand-by: 84 Nm³/day
  • Overall dimensions 1500Lx1500Hx1500D mm
  • Electrical power installed: 2,2 kW
  • Weight: 1800 kg

MP 250

  • Workable glass: 110 kg/day
  • Pot dimensions: 600x500 mm
  • Gas consumption: 195 Nm³/day
  • During stand-by: 115 Nm³/day
  • Overall dimensions: 1600Lx1500Hx1600D mm
  • Electrical power installed: 2,2 kW
  • Weight: 2000 kg

MP 350

  • Workable glass: 200 kg/day
  • Pot dimensions: 700x600 mm
  • Gas consumption: 264 Nm³/day
  • During stand-by: 130 Nm³/day
  • Overall dimensions: 1700Lx1700Hx1700D mm
  • Electrical power installed: 2,2 kW
  • Weight: 2800 kg

MP 500

  • Workable glass: 400 kg/day
  • Pot dimensions: 900x700 mm
  • Gas consumption: 420 Nm³/day
  • During stand-by: 200 Nm³/day
  • Overall dimensions: 1900Lx1800Hx2300D mm
  • Electrical power installed: 2,2 kW
  • Weight: 4000 kg

MP 650

  • Workable glass: 600 kg/day
  • Pot dimensions: 1100x700 mm
  • Gas consumption: 510 Nm³/day
  • During stand-by: 250 Nm³/day
  • Overall dimensions: 3000Lx1700Hx2100D mm
  • Electrical power installed: 2,2 kW
  • Weight: 5500 kg

Pot Furnace Combustion Systems


All the main furnace process variables are automatically controlled by precision closed loop controllers. The signals, derived from a comprehensive set of plant sensors, are taken to a central control and instrumentation panel. Manual by-pass switches are available for all variables for setting up or emergency use. From the central control panel it is possible to start and check all the plant.


  • Operation selector and push buttons for the complete furnace.
  • Furnace temperature controllers Eurotherm.
  • Gas flow digital controller.
  • Air Flow digital controller.
  • Hot air digital controller.
  • PLC signal processors for alarm status acquisition (alarm call – alarm knowledge - alarm restore).
  • Furnace pressure controller.
  • 1. Antivibration joint
  • 2. Gas filter
  • 3. Pressure gauges
  • 4. Pressure reducer (option)
  • 5. Gas pressure switch
  • 6. Solenoid Gas valves
  • 7. Pneumatic balance
  • 8. Gs flow meter
  • 9. Burner
  • 10. Air valve
  • 11. Melting furnace
  • 12. Thermocouple
  • 13. Hot recuperator
  • 14. Air pressure switch
  • 15. Fan
  • 16. Electronic frequency inverter
  • 17. Temperature regulator

Pot Furnaces Hot Air Burners

  • The internal part is covered with refractory material. The maximum temperature of the air is 550°C.
  • On each burner, there is a butterfly valve with pressure manometer for hot air regulation.
  • On each burner, there is a micrometric valve and a mechanical gas flow meter for gas quantity measure.
  • The gas mixer of the burners is adjustable in order to control the flame length. The distance between air mixer and gas nozzle inside the burner is adjustable, in order to control the air gas mixing process.
  • The gas pipe with nozzle and air mixer are easily interchangeable from the back of the burner.
  • The burners can work with big excess of air to create a very oxidant atmosphere in the combustion chamber.
  • Low noise burner. The combustion noise of these burners is very low.
  • The burners are installed on a fully adjustable bracket and connected to the gas supplied through quick-release flexible hoses

Pot Furnaces Hot Air Steel Recuperator

This type of recuperator consists in two cylinders of similar diameter made with heat resistant steel and insulated outside with ceramic fiber and rock-wool. The heat exchanging area is the anular space formed between the two concentric cylinders: in fact, the hot waste gas passes through the inner tube, heating the steel till 700°C, and the combustion air passes through the anular space, cooling the steel and heating up itself till 400°C.

  • The stainless steel inside of the recuperator is available in two qualities: AISI 310S and 253MA.
  • The double shell recuperator is used in single modules.
  • This kind of recuperator is used for Day Tank furnaces of dimensions up to 4 ton/day.
  • The double shell recuperator has a overheating safety system installed on the refractory material of the chimney. This system consists in a stack base motorized valve that, through a cold air flow, regulates the temperature of the waste gas in the chimney in case of overheating, and cooling the recuperator in case of stop of combustion air flow due to black out or electroventilator breakage.

Pot Furnace Pressure Control


  • Furnace pressure probe.
  • Sensor for atmospheric pressure measuring transmitter.
  • Digital controller Instrument.
  • Electronic inverter.
  • Electric fan.
  • Air Jet damper.


The control of the pressure is regulated by the inserting of plus or minus forced air in the waste gas exit pipe, after the recuperator. In this way, we can reduce or increase the speed of the waste gas and consequently the pressure inside of the furnace.

The system is composed as follows:

The differential pressure value coming from the furnace pressure probe is received by the pressure transmitter that trasforms it in electric signal and sends it to the digital controller. The automatic digital controller manages the air quantity (electric fan speed) through an electronic inverter.

Pot Furnace Batch Charger

Screw feeder automatic charging machine

The furnace has to be charged trhough a charging machine in order to distribute the batch in the furnace in a regular way. Falorni batch machines are water or air cooled and have two different systems:

  • Automatic or transportable by fork lift screw.
  • Automatic or transportable by fork lift oscillating tube feeder.

The screw feeder is the most used, while the oscillating tube is used only for colored glass because the machinery empties completely after charging without any deposit in the tube. By automatic charging system with motorized sliding system, combined with a temperature programmer, the glass charging and melting process can be done in fully automatic way.

Screw Feeder transportable charging machine
Vibrating tube charging machine on wheels