Multi pot furnace

The Multi Pot furnace designed by Falorni is in the cross between the well known pot furnace with 8 – 10 – 12 pots with an heat regenerative system and the traditional Pot furnace with a single or double pot.


The Multi Pot furnace permit to work, everyday, for one work shift also if you use closed pot, this is possible thanks to the rotating system, created by Falorni, because the furnace can rotate of 360° and bring the pots with the refined glass in the working zone, while the other pot go in the charging and melting area and they will be ready for the following day.


The heating system of this furnace is from top to the bottom, it means that the burner is placed in the center of the vault and direct the flame among the four pots. The Smokes draught is positioned in the front of each pots at 130 mm from the support sole, in this way force the flame to wrap around the pots without pass by on the surface but passing under the pots.


This system permit that the hottest point be in the center of the furnace close to the pot’s support sole.


The pots could be positioned at an height of 130 mm on apposite capitals of Electrofused material or Mullite and permit, in this way, at the flame to heat the pot’s support sole as well.

Gas Furnace - Multi pot furnace