Miniglass pot furnace

Miniglass pot furnace

The Miniglass pot furnace is one of our best seller furnace for the production of high quality glass.

It is the favourite ever by the european crystal manufacturers, which choose this type of furnace to produce superbe crystalline glass.

With pot furnace  it is possible to produce soda lime and lead crystal transparent or coloured.

The main  characteristic  of this type of furnaces are the following :

  • fully assembled on its steel frame.
  • the best one for the production of very high quality
  • the burner is placed in the lower part of the furnace and the flame runs around  the pot.  In this way you have the heat transfer to the mass of glass in the lower part and it creates very strong glass currents and very homogeneous mass of glass inside the pot.
  • pots can be replaced at hot or alternatively at cold. The  digital programmer drives the  cooling down and heating up ramp of the furnace.
  • combustion system with steel heating recuperator is fully automatic. The burner has an automatic ignition  and UVZ flame detector.